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Commercial Liquid Laundry System

Diamond Products, Inc.'s Liquid Laundry Systems consist of nine products which are used in three to five pump combination systems. The exact products used depend on the specific water conditions and preferences of the customer. This aspect lends a tremendous amount of flexibility to the system thereby offering the customer a system that is uniquely suited to his/her specific situation, i.e. water hardness, alkalinity, temperature, soil load, etc. In essence, Diamond Products, Inc. builds a custom-made system for each customer.

As part of Diamond Products, Inc.'s commitment to its customers, each laundry system is installed and maintained by regular service calls without any additional charge to the customer as long as Diamond Products, Inc.'s chemicals are being used.

This system consists of a series of precision peristaltic pumps that dispense each product accurately and consistently. Each dispenser is controlled by computer age digital electronics which provide consistent accuracy under the extreme conditions of temperature and humidity found in laundry rooms.